LabdeMed is meticulous

Request your own test

At LabdeMed, you can also have your own lab research done on your own initiative. For example, for a DNA test or a fertility test. You can also request regular tests yourself, without the intervention of a doctor. In these cases, the costs will not be reimbursed by the insurance company.

DNA testing

The information stored in DNA can reveal a lot about family relationships. DNA research can provide answers to important questions about biological kinship.

LabdeMed offers the following tests:

  • Paternity test: shows the biological bond between father and child
  • Relationship test: demonstrates the biological bond between family members

Fertility research

LabdeMed is the laboratory where you need to be for thorough research on infertility and artificial insemination. We handle the entire process: from information and advice to expert supervision and aftercare. LabdeMed delivers tailor-made solutions: you will receive the treatment that best suits you and your partner.

Discrete and reliable

DNA research and fertility research are sensitive procedures in which LabdeMed works discreetly and meticulously. Our testing methods are safe and reliable, and it goes without saying that your privacy is in safe hands with us.


Tests done on your own initiative are paid by you. The insurance will not reimburse these.

Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact us at + 5999 736 1030 or submit your question by using our contact form.

Always at hand: the LdMApp

With our user-friendly app you can quickly find information about our services. Such as puncture locations, opening times, test results and ‘botika na warda’. Download the LdMApp in the App Store or Google Play Store now. Want to knowmore? Call our head office (+ 5999 736 1030) or pick up the brochure at one of the LabdeMed puncture posts.