LabdeMed, also for corporate testing


The health and well-being of your staff is important. Not only for your employees, but also for your company in general. Healthy staff means less absenteeism due to illness, less medical expenses and more job satisfaction. LabdeMed offers corporate testing, also on location.

Preventive health check

As an employer, you can have a preventive health check done for your staff at LabdeMed. During this extensive screening, the physical condition and lifestyle of your employees are tested. The following aspects will be covered:

  • Medical: blood tests to measure blood sugar, lipids (e.g. cholesterol), liver function, etc.
  • Vitality and lifestyle: fitness test, BMI measurement, advice and coaching on healthy lifestyles

Testing for drug or alcohol use

LabdeMed offers drug and alcohol tests for the workplace. We understand that such a test can be a major invasion of employee privacy. However, there may be a good reason for testing. For example, when safety plays a role. Such as in jobs in the construction and transport sectors. If an employee is suspected of drug use in the workplace, he or she can “exonerate” himself or herself by undergoing an independent drug test.

Medical examinations

We offer different types of medical examinations, such as:

  • Company examinations
  • Pre-employment tests
  • Acceptance tests for insurance companies

Privacy Policy

In our small-scale society, families, friends, acquaintances and working relationships are closely linked. LabdeMed therefore attaches great importance to the protection of privacy. The results of the company tests that we offer are confidential, as are your personal and company data.
We work according to the officially established privacy rules of the Personal Data Protection Ordinance (LBP) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Are you interested in corporate testing?

Feel free to contact us at + 5999 736 1030 or make an appointment with the help of our contact form..

Always at hand: the LdMApp

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