You can visit LabdeMed with any lab form

Pre-visit info

To make your visit to LabdeMed as pleasant as possible, we have listed a number of questions and answers. This will allow you to prepare yourself well for your lab research.

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You can visit us with any lab form. Even if your doctor or specialist works abroad or if you do not want to visit a different laboratory.

On the lab form, your doctor will indicate which test you need to have done. This is often a regular testing of blood, urine or feces. It could also be possible that sperm or other body materials need to be examined.

You do not need to make an appointment in advance for regular tests such as blood tests or for the submission of urine or feces. You can come by whenever it suits you. For all other tests and for the use of the mobile lab service, an appointment must be made. This can be done at + 5999 736 1030 or by using our contact form.

Bring the completed lab form and your valid identity card and insurance documents with you. If you need to have your urine, stool or sperm tested, you should also bring your test material with you.

Samples of urine, stool or sperm can be supplied in a specially designed container. You can pick up these containers from us in advance. For the collection of urine, you can download the instructions here.

If you need to have a sperm analysis done for a fertility test, it is necessary that you do not have sexual intercourse in the 3 days prior to the test.

Your blood will be collected quickly and professionally by one of our authorized blood sampling staff. The blood is collected in tubes with caps in different colors to indicate what analysis is needed. The blood tubes are provided with a label with patient details that are always checked several times. In doing so, we will of course ensure that your privacy is safeguarded. LabdeMed works according to certified international guidelines and guarantees a completely safe method of blood collection.

Some tests require you to fast. Your doctor will indicate this on the lab form. Fasting means that you may not eat, drink or smoke for at least 8 hours and a maximum of 10 hours prior to a blood test or the collection of urine. If you do, it may affect the test. Drinking water is permitted.

Do you want to know more? Feel free to contact us at + 5999 736 1030 or submit your question via our contact form.

Always at hand: the LdMApp

With our user-friendly app you can quickly find information about our services. Such as puncture locations, opening times, test results and ‘botika na warda’. Download the LdMApp in the App Store or Google Play Store now. Want to knowmore? Call our head office (+ 5999 736 1030) or pick up the brochure at one of the LabdeMed puncture posts.