LabdeMed comes to you

Mobile Lab Service

Have a blood sample taken at home or in the nursing home?

Are you unable to come to our blood sampling centers for medical reasons or are you not mobile for other reasons? Or do you live in a care or nursing home? If so, you can make use of our mobile lab service. This handy service is available by appointment at your home or at the home where you are staying.

Make an appointment

You must make an appointment for our mobile lab services in advance. This can be done by phone at + 5999 736 1030 or via the contact form on this website.

Required papers

For our mobile lab service, you will need the same documents as for our blood-test posts:

  • Your doctor’s request form that tells us which test should be done.
  • A valid identity card.
  • Your insurance documents or carnet.

You can also use the LabdeMed mobile lab service if another laboratory is mentioned on your application form.

Test results

You can request your test results from your doctor or view them online in our secure patient portal. You can count on LabdeMed to ensure that your test results are provided to you on time. Also in urgent cases!

Always at hand: the LdMApp

With our user-friendly app you can quickly find information about our services. Such as puncture locations, opening times, test results and ‘botika na warda’. Download the LdMApp in the App Store or Google Play Store now. Want to knowmore? Call our head office (+ 5999 736 1030) or pick up the brochure at one of the LabdeMed puncture posts.